Updated to V1.03a!

A few hours of sleep and some bug fixing later and VPR V1.03a is available to you all.


- All scenes will properly load now, in order, when requested

- Levels will advance if you beat the current one, instead of constantly

- Players now actually keep their money through the duration of their playthrough, instead of making some and spending it all during level load

- Reduced the rate the hunter's look radius expands to be more appropriate levels 

- Reduced HP increase on level up to something a bit more... balanced

- Reduced spawn time for projectiles, so no more accidentally papering a house or sniping a hunter from half way across the map on large maps, and hunters can't snipe you either

- Time should not pass while the tutorial screen is up

- Hunters on level 3 are now constrained to their corners of the island and will no longer encroach on the player at load

- The tutorial will now only show the first time you load up the first level, and not every single time you go to chuck some papers

Known Issues:

- No visual feedback to eat the villagers, they just sort of... vanish. Silently.

- Sometimes villagers won't let you out of dialogue if they're mid movement when you talk to them

- If you beat level 5, there's no "exit only" option

Let me know if you guys find another issues!


LD41VampirePaperRoute_Win_V1.04a.zip 13 MB
Apr 24, 2018
LD41VampirePaperRoute_Linux_V1.04a.zip 31 MB
Apr 24, 2018
LD41VampirePaperRoute_OSX_V1.04a.zip 17 MB
Apr 24, 2018

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