Updated to V1.0b!

Now with a WebGL player for those of you who don't want to download it and fight with your antivirus software to play the game!

Changelog for this update:

- If you complete all 5 levels the game now will start you back at level 1 instead of just starting the game again and being stuck on the vampire stats screen

- Fixed some UI text sizing issues so people can actually read things

- Now all enemies and npcs stop when a dialogue box is up, the tutorial is up, or the game over/level complete screen is up 

- You no longer chuck a paper trying to close the tutorial screen

- The audio levels now start at 50% (tho the menu does not reflect this) and now effects the sound effects too

That's it for now!


LD41_VPR_WebGL_V1.03b.zip 7 MB
Apr 25, 2018
LD41_VPR_Win_V1.03b.zip 13 MB
Apr 25, 2018
LD41_VPR_OSX_V1.03b.zip 17 MB
Apr 25, 2018
LD41_VPR_Linux_V1.03b.zip 31 MB
Apr 25, 2018

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