VPR Updated to v1.1!

A new update for Vampire's Paper Route is out! This is technically labeled as a 'post Ludum Dare' version, given the changes I've made are no longer bug fixes. You can find the updated version in the combined zip file titled "PostLD41_VPR_v1.1". After LD's rating period, a WebGL version will be uploaded! 

Changelog for v1.1:

  • Particle effects have now been added to the projectiles when they collide with things. 
  • Sound has been given to biting townsfolk, as well as a particle effect
  • Picking up papers now has a sound
  • The sound for vampire hunter death has been changed
  • A new UI is present when the level loads to tell you what the objective of the level is
  • Level win conditions have been altered to 'number of papers delivered' instead of 'money made'
  • Various UI improvements have been made
  • The tutorial UI is now under a button on the main menu titled "How To Play"
  • A button to the options menu has been added to the gameplay UI so you can now edit options during a level
  • Various balancing tweaks have been implemented 
  • There is now one less bool check
  • The issue where you can get stuck talking to the same NPC while its in motion has been fixed

Until next time!


PostLD41_VPR_v1.1.zip 63 MB
Apr 27, 2018

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